Mare – $3,950.00 – Includes all required CEM testing. Coggins, Board. Grain, Unlimited Hay, Shavings And Use of The Facility. The average stay is 15 days.

Mare Owners have 2 Options:

Option A: Time frame: Average is 15 days.  No additional charge includes a 4th “back-up” culture.

Option B: For an additional ($600) and an addition of about 5 days of quarantine. we wait for the 3 negative culture results before performing the final clean and pack phase. This greatly lowers the chance of an extended stay.

Stallion – $12,995.00 – Includes all required CEM testing, Coggins, Board, Grain, Unlimited Hay, Shavings And Use of The Facility.   The average length of stay is 36 days. This also includes the lease of two test mares.

*On occasion, for an additional fee Wellington Quarantine can arrange for a shorter expedited release.  Check in office.

Florida Department of Agriculture Fee:  Both mare and stallion owners are required to pay $1,250.00 for the first mare or stallion that arrive on the same day and have the same owner. $750 for each additional mare or stallion. Most shipping agents collect this fee. $100 will be added if paid by Wellington Quarantine.