Welcome to James Lala's Wellington Quarantine

Wellington Quarantine – The Choice of Top Professionals

Wellington Quarantine is located in the heart of “The Winter Equestrian Capital of The World.”  It is only minutes from all of the equestrian venues, and is the longest established and most respected CEM Import and Export quarantine facility in Florida, particularly Wellington.

Your mare or stallion will receive the finest care during their stay. We have the best on-time release record and sometimes we are able to offer expedited releases.

By Riders, For Riders!

Meet Our Team

  • James Lala

    James is a graduate of CW Post College with a degree in business marketing.  He is one of the most respected horsemen and professional rider and trainer. James oversees all aspects of the quarantine operations.

    James has competed abroad and imported hundreds of horses for both clients and himself.  This experience gives him a unique understanding of the stresses associated with importation. He has designed his facility with your horses safety and health in mind.

  • Dr. Erin Newkirk, D.V.M

    Dr. Erin Newkirk is a 2007 graduate of the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and a valued team member at Wellington Quarantine.  Dr. Newkirk is a well rounded veterinarian proficient in all aspects of equine medicine. Today, Dr. Newkirk’s efforts have been directed toward enhancement and development of her own WellGrove Equine’s reproduction service and care which includes an extensive laboratory to support equine breeding and reproduction medicine.     In addition, Dr. Newkirk is one of the most experienced professionals involved in the testing procedures for CEM Import in the United States, Dr. Newkirk was chosen by the Department of Agriculture to lead the symposium on CEM protocol.

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